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JCB Construction Control Valves

When hydraulic systems are in operation, it becomes necessary to change the flow direction of the working fluid in its individual sections in order to change the direction of movement of the machine's actuators; it is required to provide the necessary sequence of activation of these mechanisms, to discharge the JCB Construction pump and the hydraulic system from pressure, and so on.original and aftermarket (replacement) JCB Construction Control Valves

These and some other functions are performed by a special hydraulic device - the hydraulic JCB Construction control valve.

In the manufacture of JCB Construction hydraulic control valves, steel castings, modified cast iron, high and low carbon steel grades, and bronze are used as structural materials. To protect individual elements of the Cat control valves from abrasive wear, sliding surfaces are cemented, nitrided and so on.

The dimensions and mass of the JCB Construction control valve depend on the flow rate of the liquid through which the dimensions of the unit increase.

Thanks to the hydraulic system, the JCB Construction machine receives the necessary hydraulic energy for movement and operation. All Mechanisms for turning and manipulating the working parts or attachments of machinery, as well as controlling the machine, interact with the JCB Construction hydraulic system and are controlled by means of JCB Construction hydraulic control valves.

If you are interested in the original JCB Construction control valves or aftermarket or replacement JCB Construction hydraulic control valves, you can order it online

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