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JCB Construction Hydraulic Pumps

The JCB Construction hydraulic system works as follows:original and aftermarket (replacement) JCB Construction Hydraulic Pumps

The diesel engine rotates the shaft of the JCB Construction hydraulic pump, which converts mechanical energy into energy hydraulic.

The hydraulic fluid is piped into the JCB Construction hydraulic pump and the JCB Construction hydraulic cylinders through the JCB Construction control valve system and converted there into mechanical energy of rotation or reciprocating motion.

After performing the work, the hydraulic fluid returns to the hydraulic oil tank and enters the JCB Construction hydraulic pump. The cycle of work is repeated.

Exist two types of heavy equipment Hydraulic systems:

A volumetric hydraulic system for its operation uses hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps operating under high pressure up to 350 MPa. This system uses the principle of alternately filling the working chambers of the pump and the hydraulic motor with a hydraulic fluid and displacing it from there under high pressure. The speed of movement of the working fluid in such a system is small. The main factor of the system is pressure. The volumetric hydraulic drive in physical dimensions is more compact and has received wider application than hydrodynamic.

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