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JCB Construction Hydraulic cylinders

JCB Construction Hydraulic cylinder - volumetric hydraulic motor of reciprocating motion. The principle of operation of hydraulic cylinders is largely similar to the principle of the action of pneumatic cylinders. The moving part of the JCB Construction hydraulic cylinder, which may be a rod, a plunger or the cylinder body itself, performs reciprocating motion.original and aftermarket (replacement) JCB Construction Hydraulic cylinders

The main parameters that characterize all JCB Construction hydraulic cylinders are the internal diameter, stroke length, rod diameter and nominal working fluid pressure.

JCB Construction Hydraulic cylinders come in several types: piston, telescopic, plunger, two-sided and one-way. According to the type of attachment, JCB Construction hydraulic cylinders are divided into models with hinged fastening and rigid fastening.

JCB Construction single-acting hydraulic cylinder makes effort on the movable rod, which is directed only to one side (the working stroke of the cylinder). In the opposite direction, the movable link simply moves back under the action of gravity or a return mechanism, for example, a spring. These cylinders have only one working plane.

The JCB Construction hydraulic cylinders have a slightly larger double-acting capability. They have two working planes, that is, they can create working forces on the output rod in two directions. To ensure reciprocating motion, the fluid alternately comes under pressure in the cavity of the JCB Construction cylinder. When one of the cavities is filled with liquid, the other is connected to the drain. JCB Construction hydraulic cylinders have two cavities: a rod cavity in which the rod is located and a piston rod.

JCB Construction Hydraulic cylinders widely used in all industries, where a volumetric hydraulic drive is used. For example, in excavators, bulldozers, loaders and dump trucks.

The piston and rod movement of the JCB Construction hydraulic cylinder is controlled by means of a JCB Construction hydraulic control valve, or by means of hydraulic control.

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