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JCB hydraulic system parts

JCB hydraulic system parts

The JCB hydraulic system is the most complex and important system that ensures the operation of JCB equipment. The main task of the JCB hydraulic system and each of its individual links is the conversion of the mechanical energy of the engine into hydraulic energy necessary for the movement of the JCB equipment and its operability.

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- Working hydraulics

- Servo hydraulics

- Mechanical equipment

- Attachment

- digging equipment

- Handling equipment 

- Grading equipment

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JCB Construction Control Valves
When hydraulic systems are in operation, it becomes necessary to change the flow direction of the working fluid in its individual sections in order to change the direction of movement of the machine's actuators; it is required to provide the necessary sequence of activation of these mechanisms, to discharge the JCB Construction pump and the hydraulic system from pressure, and so on. These and some other functions are performed by a special hydraulic device - the hydraulic JCB Construction control valve. In the manufacture of JCB Construction hydraulic control valves, steel castings, modified cast iron, high and low carbon steel grades, and bronze are used as structural materials. To protect individual elements of the Cat control valves from abrasive wear, sliding surfaces are cemented, nitrided and so on. The dimensions and mass of the JCB Construction control valve depend on the flow rate of the liquid through which the dimensions of the unit increase. Thanks to the hy 
JCB Construction Hydraulic Pumps
The JCB Construction hydraulic system works as follows: The diesel engine rotates the shaft of the JCB Construction hydraulic pump, which converts mechanical energy into energy hydraulic. The hydraulic fluid is piped into the JCB Construction hydraulic pump and the JCB Construction hydraulic cylinders through the JCB Construction control valve system and converted there into mechanical energy of rotation or reciprocating motion. After performing the work, the hydraulic fluid returns to the hydraulic oil tank and enters the JCB Construction hydraulic pump. The cycle of work is repeated. Exist two types of heavy equipment Hydraulic systems: A volumetric hydraulic system for its operation uses hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps operating under high pressure up to 350 MPa. This system uses the principle of alternately filling the working chambers of the pump and the hydraulic motor with a hydraulic fluid and displacing it from there under high pressure. The speed of moveme 
JCB Construction Hydraulic cylinders
JCB Construction Hydraulic cylinder - volumetric hydraulic motor of reciprocating motion. The principle of operation of hydraulic cylinders is largely similar to the principle of the action of pneumatic cylinders. The moving part of the JCB Construction hydraulic cylinder, which may be a rod, a plunger or the cylinder body itself, performs reciprocating motion. The main parameters that characterize all JCB Construction hydraulic cylinders are the internal diameter, stroke length, rod diameter and nominal working fluid pressure. JCB Construction Hydraulic cylinders come in several types: piston, telescopic, plunger, two-sided and one-way. According to the type of attachment, JCB Construction hydraulic cylinders are divided into models with hinged fastening and rigid fastening. JCB Construction single-acting hydraulic cylinder makes effort on the movable rod, which is directed only to one side (the working stroke of the cylinder). In the opposite direction, the movable link simp